Currently, I am a senior software engineer at HubSpot, part of the data sync team. I mainly work on the underlying sync engine, a Haskell service responsible for processing and synchronizing incoming data updates on a massive scale.
I did my PhD at KU Leuven, working in the programming languages group of prof. Tom Schrijvers. My main research interests were in functional programming languages, type systems, formal verification and code analysis and generation. The main focus of my research was situated in Haskell, though most results can straightforwardly be applied to other programming languages as well.

I interned both at Tweag.io and at Digital Asset. While working at Tweag.io, I developed the GHC implementation for the Explicit Type Variable Specificity Proposal, available in GHC 9.0. Secondly, my Tweag.io internship encompassed a fruitful research collaboration with Richard Eisenberg, resulting in the following publication (currently under review at POPL 2020). For my Digital Asset internship, I participated in the DAML language team. Here, I developed a static analysis tool for the DAML blockchain language.

Previous experiences

Before starting my PhD, I've done an internship at DataCamp (a Leuven-based software company providing online data sciences courses to over 600.000 students worldwide) as a software engineer intern, where I've helped develop a complex in-browser IDE for developing new courses. Furthermore, I've worked at the KU Leuven, where I've developed E-Systant, an interactive online exercise platform for teaching students declarative programming languages, such as Haskell and Prolog.

Subsequently, I'm experienced with Python, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript (incl. AngularJS, React and Redux) etc.



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